Our midway for the Exhibition is East Coast Amusements.


Did you know everyday is Bracelet Day?  Buy your bracelet and ride all the rides you want all day long. Bracelets bought at the Exhibition Grounds during the Exhibition are $26.


Advance Bracelets

only $22.00 available until July 31st.

Buy your bracelet prior to the Exhibition and save some money. You can buy them at the following locations:

The Exhibition Office trailer – located behind the Mariners Centre – THIS IS THE ONLY LOCATION AT THE MOMENT TO GET YOUR ADVANCE RIDE COUPONS.

Dayton Red & White – will be available July 10th

South End Red & White – will be available July 10th

City Drug Store – will be available July 10th


Coupon Prices

Don’t want to spend all the money on a bracelet?  That’s ok, you can purchase coupons instead. However, most rides require more than 1 coupon so you may want to check out how many rides you want to go on before you buy them.

1 coupon = $1.50

25 coupons = $30.00

50 coupons = $50.00


Individual Carnival Games – pay individually at game (games are subject to change)

Balloon Darts

Bowler Roller

Toy Factory

Shoot Out the Star

Basketball – $3.00 large, $5.00 XL, $10.00 choice

Beer Bottle Smash – 1 ball = $3.00, 3 balls = $5.00, 7 balls = $10.00

Ring Toss – 5 rings = $2.00, 20 rings = $5.00, 50 rings = $10.00


Hungry check out our Concession Stands:

Our concession stands offer the following:

Ice Cream and Slushies

Hot Dogs and Fries



** Please note, there are ride restrictions at every ride for safety reasons (this includes height restrictions)

**Parents require coupons or a bracelet to ride with their children.  Some rides do have special parent rates.

**No refunds for any reason including weather

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