Monte Carlo


If you think you are, register a team of 4 players and join us at the Blackjack tables for “Monte Carlo Nights” during the Western Nova Scotia Exhibition, July 31st – August 3rd, 2019.

Here is how it works….

…There is a limit of 30 teams

…Each team consists of 4 people

…Fee is $400 per team – this is a fundraising event for the Portable Bleachers purchased by the Yarmouth County Agricultural Society

…There will be 3 eliminating rounds on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights starting at 7:30 pm in Arena 2

…Each team will receive $1000 in Monte Carlo Poker Chips that will be divided between team members

…Games will have 2 rounds of 45 minutes with a 15 minute break between rounds.

…At the end of the evening play, each team’s Monte Carlo poker chips will be totalled to determine their teams the winning teams of each night

…the Top 3 teams from each elimination night will move onto the Saturday night Finals.  There will be one wild card team in the finals, that will be made by a draw on Friday night.

…On Saturday, each team will receive $2000 in Monte Carlo poker chips that will be divided between team members.

…Games will have 2 rounds of 45 minutes with a 15 minute break between rounds.

…At the end of the evening, each team will have their Monte Carlo poker chips totalled to determine the “BLACKJACK CHAMPION” team for 2019.

…Grand Prizes will be awarded

For more information or to register contact the Exhibition Office at 902-742-8222 or email


  • The object of the game is to “beat the dealer”
  • Get 21 points in two cards (Blackjack), without a dealer blackjack.
  • Score higher than the dealer without exceeding 21; or
  • Dealer cards exceed 21
  • Payout is:
  • 1: 1 for the regular hand win
  • 2: 1 for blackjack win
  • Push (Keep your bet) if equal to dealer
  • Order of deal
  • 1 to each player, face up
  • 1 to the dealer, face down
  • 1 to each player and dealer face up
  • The dealer plays off EACH player
  • Split – 2 cards of the same number can be split into 2 hands but the bet must be doubled and hands played separately.
  • Double – first 2 cards are 11 or under, the player can double their bet and receives only one more card.
  • Dealers must:
  • Take a card on 16
  • Stand at 17
  • If the dealer is showing an Ace and a 10 card value, the Ace = 11, and the dealer has blackjack.



1st Prize – TBA

2nd Prize – TBA

3rd Prize – TBA

4th Prize – TBA


You can download the Application Form here: Monte Carlo Application form

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